i purchased window washer on jan. 6,2009. i also purchased back up discs. when i clicked on "download your products" no down load happened. i telephoned for help and was told i could purchase help from a technician for $29.95.

this is unfair. why charge me for something that went wrong with the winferno system? this is a rip off. winferno needs to have their policy reviewed by a regulating agency. the phone policy of this company is very bad & hard to deal with. if i could stop payment from my credit card account i certainly would have.


dave waschull

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I believe you can get a refund from your credit card supplier. Check it out. I've done it.


Winferno sec. numbers provided by them DO NOT work.

I received two sets of 20-digits numbers. Neither of them work.

They will not refund the amount paid.

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